Tarikul Islam

& President

Tarikul Islam received a Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude with the highest honors) in Chemistry from New York University where he did his undergraduate research in material science. He also founded and was the first president of Mentoring Urban Youth, a program that guided underprivileged urban high school students with their college applications. He hopes to pursue a career as an academic physician.

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Rashed Khan

Co-Founder &

Originally from Bangladesh, Rashed Khan grew up in the Bronx. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University. An avid explorer of all corners of NYC, Rashed enjoys long walks and new culinary experiences. He is fascinated by the rise of artificial intelligence, particularly in how it can help humanitarian causes, and hopes to study the subject more rigorously in the near future.

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Tahmid Zawad

  Managing Director & Social Media Manager

Born in Bangladesh and raised in Queens, Tahmid Zawad is a recent graduate of CUNY Hunter College. As a Yalow Honors Scholar, he received a Bachelor of Arts in the Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Dedicated towards understanding the plight of people and using his resources to contribute in humanitarian efforts, he is socially active. Tahmid has a keen interest in traveling and basketball. Aspiring to be a physician, he is actively pursuing a career in medicine and will be completing his Masters of Science in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene at New York University before attending medical school.

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Jaheen Haque

Senior Director

Jaheen Haque graduated from Fordham University  with a degree in Economics (Honors). He aspires to be a lawyer because he wants to implement public policies that aid people in developing countries. Today, you can find Jaheen living in the library with his Venti dark roast coffee, an LSAT book, and noise cancelling headphones. 

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Ramim Shafi

Senior Campaign Manager

Ramim Shafi, born and raised in Queens, graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Economics. His interests include understanding and developing novel methods for cancer theranostics through dynamic libraries, and helping the less fortunate, where he has volunteered to mentor students in underserved communities. Whenever Ramim’s not in the library, he’s either watching the Knicks game, or watching the Yankees make the World Series (while eating pizza). Ramim hopes to pursue a career in medicine to promote human health.

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Naurin Islam

Project Manager

Naurin Islam is a 2nd year student in the Masters in Global Affairs program at NYU, with a concentration in International Law and Human Rights. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Pre-Law from Stony Brook University. She currently interns at the UN Secretariat Internship Programme. During the summer, she visited Tanzania and Uganda to discuss with several UN agencies and the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda about issues faced by refugees. She hopes to one day pursue a career at the UN helping refugees and other vulnerable people around the world.

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Kedar Berntson

Journalist &
Media Specialist

Kedar is an undergraduate studying film & television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he focuses on the adaptation of documentary form in a media saturated market. A writer and journalist as well, he hopes to bridge these mediums to find new and engaging ways to bring stories to the public. Though right now, you can find him rushing to class with a tall cold-brew in hand.

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Angella Kostic

Film Production Manager

Angella Kostic is a Serbian who spent most of her life in Hungary and London. She is currently studying philosophy at NYU. Angella’s experience in film is diverse as she has been involved in many different movie projects including acting in two feature films and assisting on short films. In addition, she is currently working on developing another documentary about mental health. She finds that film’s power to raise awareness, entertain and motivate make it a worthwhile pursuit. In her free time, she likes to do extreme sports of all kinds. 

Mohammad S. Hossain

Development Manager

Mohammad Hossain is the Vice President of Khan's Tutorial(KT) and the Director of the SHSAT Program. Mohammad is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School and Hunter College where he majored in Biology. He is currently attending the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, getting his MBA in Finance and Management. As a first generation Bangladeshi-American, he understands the value of academia and the importance of community engagement. In his current role at KT, he leads and empowers new immigrant and low-income NYC families through education and mentorship. In his free time, he is an avid sports fan and loves his NY Knicks, the LA Lakers, and the New England Patriots.

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Yoann Huang

Coordinator of Special Initiatives

Yoann Huang is a philosophy undergraduate at New York University. He focuses on moral and political philosophy, with a particular interest in meta-ethics and in democratic theory. Yoann’s senior thesis reconstructs principles of distributive justice within the Confucian framework, dealing with questions of equality, desert, and our obligations to others.

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Yujin Lee

Summer Intern 2021

Originally from Russia and Korea, Yujin Lee is a senior who is in the final year of her International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the International School of Amsterdam. Her interest in bringing attention to the Rohingya population sparked in her global politics course writing her individual assessment. Now, she further progressed her understanding of the Rohingya crisis by translating her knowledge and passion into graphic designing posters for this ethnic minority.

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Shafayet Patwari

Main Headshot.png
Senior Advisor

A graduate of Hunter College High School and University of Chicago, Shafayet currently works as an Investor at Greycroft. He is in charge of raising funds and strategically donating funds to organizations working directly with the Rohingya Community. In particular, he enjoys mentoring the JS Scholars as they navigate their high school and college education. 

Shafkat Meraj

Outreach Manager

Born in Bangladesh and raised in Nevada and Alabama, Shafkat Meraj is a student at Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a B.A. in Public Health Studies and Natural Sciences. His interests include sustainability, global health advocacy, and international relief. Aside from Rise for Rohingya, he serves as a Biomedical Intern of the Southern Region for the American Red Cross as well as GreenHacks, BASA, and JHUMUNC at Hopkins. Shafkat intends on becoming a physician and/or public health advocate.

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