One of our key motivations is to spread awareness about the Rohingya Crisis globally. In alignment with this goal, we encourage organizations and individuals nationally and internationally to join us in our cause. Our hope is to use our combined efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the Rohingya Refugees.
For the organizations, student bodies and individuals interested in working alongside us, our advised model is for you to host an event in your local community to spread awareness about the Rohingya Crisis.
Our collaborators shall be prominently featured in our website. We shall also stitch together a video of all our collaborators and partners to capture the main ethos of this project, which is for all of us to Rise For Rohingya.

For additional information or queries, please feel free to reach out to us through our
contact page.
Committed Coordinators

1. Modern Ummah Clothing (NYC)

     CEO: Farhad Muhammad (

2. New York University Bengali Student Association (New York, USA)

     President: Ariff Ahmed (

3. Columbia University Club Bangla (New York, USA)

     Co-President: Nadra Rahman (

     Co-President: Sumya Akkas (

4. Hunter College Muslim Student Association (New York, USA)

     President: Saim Siddiqui (

5. Brooklyn Law School Muslim Law Students' Association (New York, USA)

     President: Fatih Cangoz (

6. Fordham College at Lincoln Center Muslim Students' Association (New York, USA)

     President: Mohdshobair Hussaini (

7. Hunter College Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (New York, USA)

     President: Sujoy Manir (

8. Stony Brook University Muslim Student Association (Stony Brook, NY, USA)

     President: Mehreen Rahim (

9. Fashion Institute of Technology Muslim Students' Association (New York, USA)

     Board Member:  Kamrun Nahar (
     Board Member:  Lakshmi Bisram

10. Fordham University Commuting Students' Association ( New York, USA)

     President: Muhammad Malik (

11. Stuyvesant High School Muslim Students' Association (New York, USA)

     President: Afsana Rahman (

12. University of Pennsylvania Muslim Students' Association (Pennsylvania, USA)

     President: Zahraa Mohammed (

13. Beppu Mosque Association (Beppu, Japan)

     President: Md Arif Ishtiaque (

14. Bryn Mawr College Muslim Student Association (Pennsylvania, USA)

     Co-President: Aisha Islam (

15. Princeton University Muslim Students' Association (New Jersey, USA)

     President: Sirad Hassan ( )

16. Princeton University Muslim Advocates for Social Justice and Individual Dignity (New Jersey, USA)

     President: Yousef Elzalabany (

17. City College of New York Women in Islam (New York, USA)

     President: (

18. University Of South Carolina Muslim Students' Association (South Carolina, USA)

     President: Almeera Lateef (

19. Queens College Muslim Students' Association (New York, USA)

     President: Saleem Rahim (

20. Students Take Action Now: Darfur Bronx High School of Science Chapter (New York, USA)

     President: Aisha Saleem (

     Secretary: Mayesha Ahmed (

21. Fordham University Desi C.H.A.I.  (New York, USA)

     President: Jessica Kar (

22. New York Law School Muslim Law Students' Association (New York, USA)

     Vice President: Thamanna Hussain (

23. Swarthmore College Muslim Students' Association (Pennsylvania, USA)

     President: Yousaf Razvi (

24. Concordia University Muslim Students' Association (Montreal, Canada)

     Event Coordinator: Mohammed Allalou (

25. Oxford University Islamic Society (Oxford, England)

     Politics Chair: Affnafee Rahman (

26. New York Institute of Technology Muslim Student Association (New York, USA)

     President: Najma Khan (

     Coordinator: Mashiyat Ahmed (

27. St. John's University Muslim Student Association (New York, USA)

     President: Salman Butt (

28. Association of Bangladesh Band Music Australia (Sydney, Australia)

     Coordinator: Mohammed Masuduzzaman (

29. Ek-moothu (এক মুঠো) Foundation (Sydney, Australia)

     President: Sabbir Ferdoush (

30. Rutgers Bengali Students Association (New Jersey, USA)

     President: Mahmuda Haque (

     Co-Cultural Chair: Easha Mondal

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